by - Friday, October 31, 2008

currently: watching rove. I love rove.

So. With exams in 2 1/2 weeks (eeek.) the pressure is on for me to study for the biggest exams of my year.

But guess what? There might not be a reason to study anymore. Not with something that was exposed to me on television.

Ryan Shelton Investigationing - Cheating

So...all I have to do is see if I can find one of these "cheachers" at school to hook me up with answers for my 3 external exams.
And then that way, I have more time to watch the Switchfoot Webcam. sweet.

I bet my media studies teacher is actually a cheacher...
Just kidding.

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  1. heh!

    that was funny!

    i enjoyed. :)

    so did my brother. ;)


    p.s. i almost said something REALLY nerdy in this comment

    p.p.s. i also have australian accents stuck in my head how. or. actually. ah awlso ave austrahlian akcents stuck en mah ead.


  2. Aww...now I'm curious to what that nerdy comment was...

    haha, and apparently Kiwi accents are suppose to be more lazy than Australian according to Beezle. But I still think Australian accents are funny too.
    But then, I think Jon's accent is funny too. =D