That's one off the To Do list.

by - Wednesday, August 05, 2009

currently: listening to "Runaway" by The Earlybirds - local NZ band. Awesome.

So did I ever show off my finished Hayley Williams vector?

Cause the last anyone saw it here on the blog was back in March.

Now look at it...

XD (15 favs on deviantArt so far. Coolness :D)

It's all pretty with lights...haha. But I really think it could have been done a lot better and smoother. But you know...I really should be focusing more on schoolwork...Except I spend at least 2 hours a day on Facebook and unrelated homework places. (2 hours...sometimes as much as 4...or 6...*cough).

I have a real issue. I know that haha. I feel a self-ban coming on.

Like my icecream diet...gosh. I'm really craving for icecream now.

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