Miniature clay creations

by - Friday, September 24, 2010

currently: gonna go to bed. Fashion show tomorrow!

So I have to sleep now, but I recently put these up on my deviantArt account and I thought I'd showcase it here too.

Over my uni break, I had a desire to create miniature polymer clay sculptures that I had seen on deviantArt, and was so keen to try thinking this could bring another level to my jewellery which I haven't really done a lot on... And cause uni break this time was crappy weather, and all my good friends were back at uni before I was, I had time to crank these creations out.
These were all made from New Zealand brand 'Du-Kit' which my mum had some lying around but had never used.

Miniature Clay Rubber Duck
[dA link 1|2]

The miniature rubber duckie was made for my boyfriend who just had his birthday. I made a pair of ducks, one for each of us, cause at one point in our lives, we've both had the nickname duck (unrelated events, just coincidence). So I made tiny duck charms that looked like adorable rubber duckies. Cause rubber duckies are cool. They're tiny. My fingerprints are possibly bigger than my ducks.
(And yeah, I was trying to have fun with photography with these.)

Miniature Waffles with blueberries and cream
[dA link 1|2]

Okay so initially the idea was to actually give my boyfriend a waffle charm for his birthday. But after I found out he prefers syrup on his waffles, and that I could not make liquid clay to make said syrup, I had to change the idea. (I wasn't going to waste a perfectly good waffle-look-a-like on nothing. I spent ages making the holes perfect.) Anyway, I normally put cream and blueberries with chocolate syrup on my waffles, so here's a seemingly healthier version. I made little tiny balls of dark purply/blue, made them have holes like blueberries, then got 3 tiny rolls of white clay and attempted to create cream. It kinda reminds me of marshmallow rope but that's okay. These actually had more blueberries but those fell off.  :/

Miniature rainbow lollypops
[dA link 1|2]

(I thought it would be fun to post them with the gourmet jellybeans I had bought yesterday. Even though gourmet jellybeans are really tiny too)
I saw these on a necklace once. So I wanted to try one for myself.
I actually made 5 of these. The rainbow rope I had swirled to make these ended up being really long. So I had heaps leftover. I used toothpicks cut in half to make the lollypop sticks. The idea to make polymer clay sticks seemed to take too long in my mind. Yeah I'm a bit lazy.

Clay roses in purple and red
[dA link purple 1|2 / red 1|2]

They're flowers. Its all for prettiness.

So this is just to show you how big these charms actually are.

And let me just mention, I have small hands. So you may think like "oh, your hand might be massive" - yeah. Its not.

Any suggestions on what I should make next, let me know :D
Was thinking of making pacman charms just cause they seem easy. What do you think?

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  1. He has a creative hand.This could be a very effective past time. Miniature clays could be the most perfect and the sweetest present someone could ever received. You can request for any size that fits you, even a MAKE-YOUR-OWN-DESIGN. Good thing they are available for online purchasing. Check it out!

  2. you should totally make rings. i see roses on rings are popular at the mo, but they are all either ridiculously huge or a funny colour. there was a dark purple at equip or diva or someone, which was pretty, but i felt it needed to be black or white or bright red.
    just a thought. :)
    or earrings.
    or cupcake earrings. :)

  3. I want to make rings with the roses etc but it's hard to find the ring piece for it.
    And totally want to make cupcake earrings haha. Need to buy some varnish and some liquid clay and I could get a good thing going here :P