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Why this Go Girls season 4 finale has annoyed me on so many levels

currently: full of emotion.

First, sorry for the lack of posting. Things are crazy with uni - and when I say crazy, I mean my time management skills have been absolute shockers. But that's besides the point of this post.
What I want to discuss is Go Girls.

And I will warn now, SPOILER ALERT.

Firstly, let me say I ADORE Go Girls. My favourite Kiwi series ever, and I have been following it since season 2. I love all the characters, even Leo now, who I found an irritating prick first time around.
There's just something inspiring about seeing people work hard for their goals, whether it's seeing the strong-willed Cody try to help her family, seeing the ever so gorgeous Amy fight for her career, or even the beautiful Olivia deciding to find love and not use her head all the time.

I love the series.
And why do these North Shore people look so pretty? Even Leo got better looking.

Anyway, so the main story line that I have been yearning for this season is Britta and Brad. Oh Braddy. Call me super sappy (having a boyfriend has brought out the romantic in me) but Britta and Brad are my on again, off again One True Pairing (along with Amy and Kev.)

For those unfamiliar with the plot, here's the summary. Brad fell in love with the airy fairy Britta in Season 2. Britta was with another guy. Brad thought he was wrong for her, and then decided to fight for her by delivering things like a bouncy castle, giving her a dog, learning the songs in the musical Cats, and even painting his nails in order to win her love. And eventually he did. Oh Brad, you're adorable.

Season 3 went to continue Britta and Brad's relationship - and in that year, Brad's Go Girl Goal was to travel and Britta's was to advance her career. Well, you obviously can't do both when Britta works as the owner of her fairy entertainer company. So Brad and Britta broke up, he left for South America, and he was pretty much gone.

Until he came back for season 4, two years since he left the Shore and Britta. Britta now has a kid and is working as a solo mum. Brad's a changed man - and by changed man, I mean he's now kinda grungy, tattooed, bit of a stuck up, and in desperate need of a haircut. And initially he and Britta don't rekindle their relationship. This season, Brad and Britta have been more "friends with benefits" than anything decent, because Brad can't really deal with being a Dad figure while Britta knows her baby girl needs to come first.

But then we come to this finale episode. Where Brad FINALLY realises he wants Britta back. About time.
And he goes on this large manhunt to get Britta to call off her wedding to Banker Ross by getting her a better bouncy castle - which in this case meant finding Britta's estranged father. And he does that. She loves the gift.
But she doesn't stop the wedding cause apparently she loves Ross and sees him as a better father figure. And this is after TWO months of being together and deciding to get married.

So the adorable and loveable Brad can't stop the wedding.
and Britta gets married to Banker Ross.
It's like suddenly EVERY story line that exists is wrapped up within 5 minutes. Olivia has married Will, who'll be going off to rehab. Cody is moving in with NSB. Amy and Kev are together (Though I do love them). Brad's forced to accept the fact Britta's married. And then this weird scene comes up where Britta's irritating sister Candy has a scene at the beach where she is telling her friends about having year goals like her sister.

The only story line that hasn't been wrapped up is Britta telling Kev that her kid is hers.

For pretty much every situation to be solved in the last two scenes, without a kickstarter/cliffhanger for a possible season five is just irritating. All of it just built up for a quicky wind-up. (Like Pushing Daisies. :/)
And if Britta's sister is their chance for a spin-off and new cast - I WILL BE ANGRY. Had Candy been around for longer to create a transition towards the next season (if that's their plan) maybe I would be  more open to it, but it shouldn't have been done in the last minute of the scene.

But I think I'm just most annoyed with Brad not being able to get Britta.

That's just my rant that I needed to get out of the way. But credit to the Go Girls writers - you know you've created a good series when you have someone like me write a passionate frustration post about it.

So with that being said, would I watch a season five? Absolutely.
But that's cause Britta and Brad are like Friends' Ross and Rachel. They need to get together in the end.

And I will not be able to rest until I see it happen. Yes sir.

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