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NZ Fashion Weekend (and 3 double oh posts!)

currently: should be asleep. Lousy daylight savings killing an hour off.

So I had the BEST time at NZ Fashion Weekend today.
Went with my bestest friend for a whole day of clothes, shoes, goodies, and standing in our heels all day.

Now because I should be asleep, but I want to post up pictures now, I'll quickly share my awesome experience at NZFW this year.
And on a side note, yay! 300 posts since September 2008

IBM Designer Showcase 10:30am show -

 She's the runner up from NZ Next Top Model season 1.

My phone said I was located at Fashion Week :D

PWC Showcase @ 1pm
(me and my friend sat next to the seats at the front cause it was so packed and there was no more chairs.)

Loved this.

Think yellow may be big next Autumn/Winter 2011

Sera Lily Designer Show @ 2:45pm

They had this big fabric tarp on the runway at the start of the show, which revealed...
All the models on the runway posing like dolls.

Quite liked the dress. Love the necklace.

One of my favourite dresses
I adored this too
And this...
Okay I pretty much liked it all.
Specially the bridal stuff

Sera Lily's final piece.
Very dramatic. Very cool. :D

Really wished I had time to go into more detail - but I just had to say how much I loved it! Its amazing the sorts of fashion NZ produces. Makes me want to get amongst it all :)

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