Word's out! I'm FOUR's NZFW INSIDER!

by - Wednesday, August 29, 2012

currently: EXCITED.

If you read my last post, I didn't fully divulge all details cause I thought there was a 10% chance that my cold has made me delusional and I made the last 24 hours of my life up.
But now it's official! And when I say official, I mean it's on the official website now and I have actual proof that this is really all happening to me.


An image.
With my official title as channel FOUR's NZ Fashion Week Insider!

(for those outside of New Zealand, it's one of our four mainstream television stations. Baby, I know. THIS IS LEGIT!)

Yours truly will be officially MEDIA and I'll be reporting from the Viaduct in the press pit. I wish I had a cool awesome name like the other blogger who's doing it with me, Sammy Salsa. That's so fun to say! My name sounds like it belongs to an accountant.

Anyway, my blog posts for the week will be up on FOUR's website from Tuesday 3rd to Friday 7th. If you're around, come find me! Chances are I'll be the short young looking one carrying a large cameras and bags pens and laptops and attempting to look as classy as I can be.

Cause you know how great I am at being far from classy.


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  1. Oh my gosh. You are so lucky, how did you get into this? I really wanna be a part of NZFW 2013! Please visit my blog: raychoox.blogspot.co.nz

    I am following you now ^-^

    1. Hi Rachael,
      Thanks for the follow :)
      I got to be part of NZFW thanks to a competition FOUR posted online. They really enjoyed a lot of my previous NZFW posts that I had done in the past (I attended with tickets for public shows for a few years). I had a look at your blog, and you've definitely got some great stuff and a good opinion to share :) If FOUR have a competition again for next year, just make sure you keep doing what you're doing. Share some opinions on NZ designers. And make sure your posts have a lot of personality :)