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How I became a fashionable person while wearing pyjamas with cats on it

currently: has a lot to say but is too scared to say too much just yet...

These are my pyjamas.

Pyjamas are my best friends. They're also the only things willing to come in contact with me since I've gotten sick.

Today was Day 6. As in Day 6 of Sick Feelings. Last night I woke myself up by coughing so hard I felt I was close to throwing up. My throat burned. My eyes felt puffy. My nose felt raw every time I breathed in and out.

I was telling someone today about how much I was looking forward to getting through this week as best as I could and spending next week recuperating. I had been strategic in also not having any journo/uni interviews planned while my throat has been really sore. Talking today put a lot of strain on it already.

It was great relief when I got home about 1pm today. Soon as I did, it was straight into pyjamas, grabbing a box of tissues, and curling up on the couch where I thought I would sit for hours on my web assignment.

Instead I got a phone call.

And I really don't know if I'm in a place to say until a couple more days from now (some people I told have already shared it on my Facebook which I never intended... but oh well). But in my cat printed pyjama pants, I was told I had won a position where I would be covering New Zealand Fashion Week as a blogger next week.

Like the classy person I am I spent about 5 minutes doing this on the phone to the poor girl that had to listen to my sick, stuffy-nosed voice:

"Oh wow! Really? Umm...Ohhh. Wow! Like... Ohhh my gosh. I just... What? I can't believe... Okay! hahaha! Wow! Oh wow!"

Seriously, you're dealing with a woman of class right now.

So here I am, in my pyjamas, being told that I am now being told to cover New Zealand's most prestigious fashionable event as part of the media. It's essentially a dream come true. It's a perk I never thought I would ever get until I was 40 and dressed like Anna Wintour.

(Also it helps that I don't have to pay $150 tickets for prime seats.)

So I'd like to take a Moment for Corny and thank my blog and people who have bothered to read in the time of its existence. And for my Blogger host for bothering to store my thousands of words and teenage angst for free on the interwebs. And even to the people who clicked on the page, saw how much was written and then went back to Facebook, I'll thank you too. Cause mate, that still counts as a view.

Oh and a special mention to my co-fashion-blogger Anne-Marie on our iammfashion tumblr. She knows why :)

I'm off to New Zealand Fashion Week this year! Ah!

Btw - She called quirky and funny. Does that mean I'm like the Asian version of Juno? Minus pregnancies and babies and hipster tastes in music.

In fact, are quirky people just uncool versions of hipsters?

Why did I use that Juno reference?
And what will I wear next week!? I better start eating bowls of vitamin c, otherwise I'll be reporting from NZ Fashion Week in my cat pyjamas.

Much love (and lots of herbal teas.)

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