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Currently: tired. Like "I'm about to fall asleep with my mouth hanging open in a glamourous fashion" tired.

Okay, so even though I've only had a blog for ...14 days, I've redesigned for the 3rd time. Much better in my opinion. So new title header, new layout, newness all round. And new blog to match, as you can see.

Anyway, finalists in the Young Designers Award thing are supposed to have been chosen now. Fingers crossed that I made it in my catergory. (Top 3 is all I ask.) It would suck that after 2 years of entering the competition, and last year coming 2nd, that I don't match it this year... although I know my outfit beyond sucked in terms of practical and sewing etc.

Which is why I've already started on next year's outfit design. Just so it won't suck and be all last minute. (I've picked Plaid to be my main focus of my design brief for next year. Very SF inspired I must admit...Now all I need is a fedora and a shiny bass haha)

Okay, getting late. Need to work on graphics homework *cough*
Much love and goodnight.

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