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currently: sad. but thankful

"Life is short, live it well,
Live for others- we rise and fall together…" - Jon Foreman

It was Macbeth in Shakespeare's play who said "life is but a walking shadow."
I didn't know Liss like others did. But there is still pain.
There is pain for a girl that left this earth too early than she was suppose to.
It's pain for a father, for a mother who never saw their child grow up.
It's pain for a brother or sister who never grew up with each other by their side.
It's pain for a friend who never got to share a last moment.
It's pain for a man who made one small but dramatic mistake.
It's pain for a person who never got to have a moment with her.

The coldest, most painful word in the English language.
She was only 17.

This is a reminder how life is so fragile. Like the wings of a butterfly. So light, so free, so beautiful.

I never knew you Liss, but I love you. Because of the impact you left on this earth.

Now is the time to laugh, love and live. Remember, today could be your last.
Much love.

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