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currently: wanting change. wanting justice.

Jon Foreman's latest blog on myspace

I spent a bit of time watching the Switchfoot webcam today. The webcam is awesome. You get to watch into Switchfoot's studio, seeing them record their new album, and sometimes you get to hear snippets of music if you're lucky.

I think one of the best things however, is the fact you get to chat on ustream with other people from around the world that watch the SF webcam too, and switchfoot themselves, when they're free to talk.

Today (well tonight) when the webcam was finally turned off (after seeing 2 hours of Chad drumming. He's hardcore) I had a nice chat with this guy, his nickname Cyrus. We spent a bit of time talking about Jon's latest blog (I suggest you read.) The movie is Call+Respond, a film documentary about human trafficking and modern day slavery. We agreed that it's hard to think that this still occurs in the world today. There are more slaves right now, than there were a hundred years ago. Slavery is right behind us, but we are too blind and unaware that we don't turn around to face it.

Me and Cyrus talked about wanting change in this world. We talked about wanting a movement. He was really active in charity work, volunteering at the animal shelter, organising to help homeless shelters, wanted to set up a sort of club specially for charity work. He was really quite inspiring. And made me sort of ashamed of myself haha.

He talked about how people are so pessimistic. They want to change the world, but don't.

He believed that God had a plan for him. I agreed.

This was only a glimpse to what we talked about. We only talked for a short while. But in that short while, it reminded me of the plans and purposes we have destined for us in this world.
One shot. One try. One life. One change.

So this week, create a change. And if you can, check out Call + Respond.
Also happening is Breast Cancer Month and CanTeen Bandana Week. Support these too.

"you must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi

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