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currently: FREAKING OUT a little bit. (Listening to 'Dust' - by Royworld. Hence title)
FIRST EXAM COUNTDOWN: 15 hours 17 minutes

" a thousand voices floating in the atmosphere.
shadows falling into dust.

and I hear your voice singled out and I want to say
you and I will never die, so don't think of all the space inbetween us.
get that rubbish off your mind
and how many times can I tell you I love you?"
[Dust - Royworld]

2pm tomorrow I'll be sitting my English exam which will determine my place in scholarship English next year.
Can I help but feel worried?
I'm actually getting to the point where I'm wondering if I'm still breathing or not.
You would think, being the 3rd year of NCEA exams, I'd be a bit less nervous...but NO. Just gets harder each year. I think "Well, LAST YEAR didn't seem so bad now..."

Need to "get that rubbish off my mind."
and concentrate on Shakespeare. Along with more Englishy stuff.
Wish me luck for tomorrow. *deep breathes*

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