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"everythings gonna be alright in the summertime"

currently: surrounded by bags.

Hola my friends.
I've come here. Just to say bye again!

Today in a couple of hours, I'm leaving with some friends to "chillax" at the beach up in Whangarei for a few days. (A couple of hours up north from Auckland.) Should be some good times. Providing that I don't get sunburnt. Or get sick. Or both.

Cause that would suck.
Anyway, even though I'm taking my laptop with me (cause there's no tv up there in the holiday house), I don't think I'm gonna get internet access. So this may be the last post you will get till Tuesday. Or Wednesday depending how tired I am on Tuesday.

Mostly looking forward to being so close to the beach. Photography anyone? =D
And also the Uno Tourney with my mates. Ever since Messenger got Uno in it's buddy games, its...been pretty addicting. Mainly cause I'm secretly very competitive haha. Too bad I can't rig an Uno game. (kidding =P)

So sun, surf and sand calls my friends.
I'll see you here Tuesday. Or Wednesday.

much love.

(ps. 50th post =D)

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