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11 beautiful European cities with cringey pun captions

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Hello stranger!

The above photo is from the beautiful city of Budapest - one of the European cities I travelled to last month. Over three weeks I got to take in all the iconic sights of Europe with a fantastic touring group of young, international travellers. And while most people on tour had their things to collect like t-shirts or flag buttons - I decided I'd do my own creative visual collection of my trip that didn't require stressful souvenir shop searching, or carrying excess luggage (I did not have any spare luggage space). All I needed was my phone camera, an internet connection, and my awful love of writing bad puns.

Some were easier to write than others. Some were so bad that I had to look twice at my own actions before hitting 'Post'. But I don't know a single person that has ever attempted to put together a project like this while travelling.

I present to you the most unusual travel collection: My EuroPUNion photo collection.

In chronologial order

#1. London, England

#2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

#3. Berlin, Germany

#4. Prague, Czech Republic

#5. Vienna, Austria

#6. Krakow, Poland

#7. Budapest, Hungary

#8. Ljubljana, Slovenia

#9. Venice, Italy

#10. Rome, Italy

#11. Vatican City, Italy

(and two bonus ones from the Middle East)
#12. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

#13. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I challenge you to think of better puns than the ones I came up with ;) Stay tuned for more European tales!

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