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currently: listening to "A Punch To the Nose" by Source Victoria

First: To the losers that thought it would be fun to light fireworks in peoples letterboxes last night.

I hope angry bees infest your houses and penguins come to eat your faces.

Anyway.... new free music find to download Source Victoria's album The Fast Escape (you need to click the words "The Fast Escape" for the zip download.)

Some really good tracks by them. Like Heartless Boy, The Welcoming and Opportunistic (although the ending of that song is really weird in the way it cuts off suddenly.)

Coming from Arizona, these guys have apparently been longtimers on the local scene, friends with Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat World. The Fast Escape was engineered by Chris Testa - also known for engineering Switchfoot's last 2 albums (O!G and NIS), along with Jimmy Eat World's upcoming album (which I'm patiently waiting for to come out.)

Sound wise- I find they're a little like bands such as Radiohead, Mute Math, maybe Anberlin or A Great Pile Of Leaves (their EPs are great. They're also on free download). But they're not as alternative as some of these bands are (I don't think anything can be more alternative than Radiohead.)

Lyrically wise- It's ironic how their longest song of 5 and a half minutes (A Punch To The Nose) only contains 22 words. One of them is the F word but you know, music is art. When you download the zip file from their site, you get the lyric booklet, and when you read the lyrics in order, it's much like a story. The Welcoming is like the comforts of love, but as it progresses on, it starts to the fight, with the words 'mistake' and 'fake' appearing quite a bit. And of course you get a song called The End is The End as the 2nd to last track. Pretty self explainatory I say.

Overall score: (because I'm a blogger, I can do these things haha)

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