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currently: coughing and stuff

honestly, who gets sick with a cold, in summer 2 days before Christmas?
I actually don't know what humbug means, but hey, alliteration.
Anyway, though there have been less posts (because less has been happening lately), well...well there's nothing I actually have to say. Cause nothing is happening.
I'm not even getting though my reading list. Which is getting a larger stack of books.

I hate being sick. Just for the fact that I'm really tired right now, and I lie around a lot for the whole day, but then I get tired of lying around but then can't get up to do something because I'm so tired. And then my nose is stuffed up, my chest hurts and I cough and sneeze which makes everything else worse.

Oh well. Here's a youtube video that I love and I hope that will make you think about.

Much love

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