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So, I don't know how many posts will be made before the end of the year. Since the end of the year is only a few days away. Thought that I'd share my opinion in which were my favourite albums for 2008.

I admit, I haven't gotten hold of many albums, but for the ones I have, they've been pretty, pretty good.

(in alphabetical order)

THE AFTERS - 'Never Going Back To OK' [7.75/10]
I LOVE the track 'Myspace Girl'. Quite a quirky and cute music video for it. I first heard this band on the Christian stations with their title track 'Never Going Back To Ok' (I've heard this song quite a few times. Along with their remixed version.) I got kinda sick of hearing that one track so often. But don't let that put you off. The rest of the album is good. Few upbeat and pop-rock tracks in there.
Tracks to hear: Myspace Girl, We Are the Sound, Ocean Wide

ANBERLIN - 'New Surrender' [8.5/10]
My friend who gave me this album reckoned it was better than their last album "Cities". I had to agree. I love Anberlin and this album just keeps stepping up from their last. And it's currently this album that one of the highest play count on my laptop (but mind you, I've only had this laptop since August.) The tracks 'Blame Me! Blame Me!' and 'Haight St.' I've pretty much fell in love with. And although at first I didn't like their new version of 'Feel Good Drag' (which first appeared on "Never Take Friendship Personal" back in 2005) I have grown to like it, then love it, then love the video that went with it. (I suggest checking it out on youtube.)
Tracks to hear: Breaking, Blame Me! Blame Me!, Feel Good Drag, Disappear, Haight St.

EVER STAYS RED - 'On The Brink Of It All' [8.75/10]
I came across this band while I was listening to a radio station that was in the States (I wasn't in the States, I just listened over the net.) The title track 'On The Brink of It All' was playing and I just fell in love with it on the first listen (and still remains to be one of my favourite songs). I just love all the tracks on this album. I don't know why I love it so much, maybe it's the lyrics. Maybe its the melody. Maybe its just the meaning behind all the songs. 'Can't Explain' would be my second favourite track on this album, and it was supposedly meant to have a music video for this...I still patiently wait.
Tracks to hear: On The Brink Of It All, Can't Explain,Say What You Will, Look To The Hills

JASON MRAZ - We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. [8/10]
Songs for the summer. Jason Mraz's witty lyrics, his playful voice, his capturing melodies that make you feel like lying on the beach in the warm sun. His music is pure and like a breath of fresh air.
Tracks to hear: I'm Yours, Lucky (feat. Colbie Caillat), Make it Mine (I love this site. And Jason. Infact I may do my own review the site.)

JON FOREMAN - Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer EPs. [9/10]
They get the collective average of 9/10 but "Spring" and "Summer" are definitely a 9.5. I could be biased just cause I love Switchfoot and I love Jon Foreman. But I do love the EPs just cause they're so honest, and so different from most Switchfoot tracks. Yes they may seem a bit emotional and kinda sad, but they still hold so much thought and I just love it's strange, soft, lingering sound. 'Love Isn't Made' has to be by far my favourite out of all the songs.

Tracks to hear: Cure For The Pain, Somebody's Baby, White As Snow, Love Isn't Made, Your Love Is Strong, In My Arms, Resurrect Me.

Special Mentions:
Augustana - Can't Love, Can't Hurt (track 'Sweet and Low' is quite beautiful)
Coldplay - Viva La Vida ('Viva La Vida' the song is great)
Flight of the Conchords - self titled album (Just cause :D)
Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American [Deluxe Edition] (I love all the bonus songs. Especially 'Your House 2007')
Ivoryline - Then Came a Lion (Love the heavy rock of this.)
Kings Of Leon - Only By The Night ('Use Somebody' I'm still loving.)
Nada Surf - Lucky ('See These Bones' is a real stand out for me and one of my favourite songs)
Relient K - The Birds and the Beesides (who can deny Relient K's happy tunes?)
Royworld - Man in the Machine ('Dust' is a great track)
Weezer - [the Red album] ('Pork and Beans' was a big hit for this year.)

That's my mini music review. Adios.

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