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currently: surfing net

You know, when you're really bored (like real stinking bored) and you're on the computer, sometimes its really fun just to search the auction sites for random junk.

Here in New Zealand, there's no ebay, but there is TradeMe which is the same. I love searching stuff on there, just to see if there's a good sale, specially with cds. Gosh if I could buy all the Jimmy Eat World albums off there.

Haha, there's a seller on here called Timmyshimmy. :D

Too bad that you have to be a certain age to get an account on here, otherwise I would be buying stuff like a mad...person.
Like concert tickets to Kings of Leon. Really like this band at the moment. Gosh I wish I could go to a concert right now.

Okay I'm just shooting off words here. Probably should go to bed or something.

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