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currently: a little tired

So just came back from my first day at university - sorta.
Cause of the English uni course I'm doing at school, we had to go for an orientation day at the local university. And I have to say, going to uni kinda made high school really boring. So here's 10 things that I found cool about university.

10 cool things about university I learnt today

1) There are no bells. You come and go as you pleased pretty much.

2) Food is good. The local uni here has a kebab and sushi place. And I love kebabs and sushi. Plus a bunch of cafes. And vending machines (though don't always trust them. They ate my friend's $2 coin when it wouldn't give her m&ms. And then only gave her a $1 coin return.)

3) They don't really take attendance at the lectures. It's really your choice for your learning. Depending on the courses you do they make take a roll, but it really gets you incharge of your own learning.

4) Mufti. I say that now cause I have senior uniform at highschool. And it's very uncomfortable to have said uniform at university.

5) The lecture halls. Comfy seats and cool looking tables. (though the rooms, a little cold...)

6) The freebies! And I'm not just meaning the free spray tan I got. But the discounts and availablities that a uni student can have. I could go to university and use their free wireless internet on my laptop.

7) The general scene. Pretty nice and friendly. And clean. Or at least thats what it seemed like today.

8) All the things that go on. Like their university ball that I could actually go to. (If I had a second semester course since the ball is in August.)

9) The lecturers are cool. They don't mind being called by their first names.

10) Just the fact that I'm part uni student. Woo! I can use my id card till 2012. :D


To save me making a new post - here's an update on my Hayley Williams Vector.
It's beginning to look a lot better than the last one. Not so flat now...or pink.

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