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it is these things I love.

currently: full of food.

So...Rove is on tonight! Rhys Darby is a guest, so I'm real excited for it (more than usual anyway.)

They used to have a segment at the end of the show called "These Things We Love."
Well I felt like doing my own segment, so here's my version of things I currently love.


They started showing the new season last Monday, and I think it's fanastic already. There's a better flow to it I think...well I mean it's hard to judge it after one episode...but I love it. I even had the Sugalumps song downloaded from the FOTC podcast.
Darn right.
It's available for use - just credit or


I first, when Doctor Who number 9 regenerated into Doctor Who number 10 - I didn't like number 10. Maybe it's a loyalty thing. And I thought Number 10 was too weird. But now I have grown to like him. A lot.
And I have to say, he's (David Tennant) pretty good looking for a 37 year old (heh, and we all thought I was getting better at this liking younger guys thing.)

(image source: albums)

And on a side note, the announced 11th Doctor Who (Matt Smith) is a little creepy.

Matthew Gray Gubler - The UNAUTHORISED Documentary

It's a little weird I agree, but I still find Matthew Gray Gubler real funny.
There's a series of "Documentaries" of MGG out on youtube. Watch the whole series of the Unauthorised (there's 5), then watch the AUTHORISED version. (I love the intro of it :D)
MGG never fails to impress me with his talents.
He's also my current wallpaper. XD

image source:


It has nothing to do with the fact that this ferret is wearing it.
But after a whole day of wearing a beret at school for mufti day, I have again found love in ze French hat.
It's comfy, stylish, and keeps your head warm while your hair doesn't get too bad a hat hair. (or maybe it's just my hair that didn't get hat hair...)
I reckon it should be the new fedora. Pretty much cause that way I don't have to go find a fedora. Get a Switchfoot member to wear one of these and then it's instantly the next style lol.

So that's the this week in the things I love. :D

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