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Only the losers win

currently: tired

15 reasons why it was good that I didn't become Arts Captain.
1) You have to be "responsible" for everything.
2) Don't have more work.
3) No stupid meetings.
4) No big expectations.
5) If you fail at art...then obviously it s a bad thing with your title and all.
6) Don't have to pay for a freaking $160 blazer.
7) Don't have to talk at assemblies
8) Don't have to go for boring school functions.
9) The Principal and Deputy Principals won't remember your name (aka so if you get caught...let say with the wrong uniform - they can't remember your name to bust you with a detention.)
10) More free time for more important things.
11) If you fail at being Arts Captain, you fail the whole school.
12) Can't get big headed and annoying being in power.
13) I get my lunchtimes to do other things. Like eat.
14) Obviously God has better things for me to do.
15) Finally, to quote Switchfoot, "Only the losers win, they've got nothing to prove. They leave the world with nothing to lose."

So hey, I win too :D

And on a side note - I LOVE evermore's new video.

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