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A cold, sunny, wet April day

currently: happy. Just purely happy.

There's something really beautiful about a cold, sunny, wet April day.

Because I walked home feeling better than I have in a long time.

It's a contentment that everything in the world felt right. This bipolar weather just managed to bring the best out of everything.
I walked out a little while later than everyone else today. On the last day of term, everyone is more than eager to get out. So to walk out at about 3:30pm to see barely anyone is quite peaceful.
In this chilly, sunny peacefulness, there's a lot of time to think about all that's around you, and all that's happened.

Like how raindrops coming from leaves almost hang like jewels.
How after the rain, the air smells sweeter. And the sun is brighter.
That walking between the sun and the shadows can numb and burn your skin, and the confusion just puts a tingle on your skin.
And this just made me really happy.

I don't have to worry about wanting love from a guy. The loneliness passes.
I don't have to think that if I don't have money, I'm not enough help. I have more to give.
I don't have to believe that to be someone I have to always be the best.

As long as there is bipolar weather, there's something beautiful to see.

And on a side note - I've passed NCEA level 3 now. :D

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