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currently: full of ice cream...we bought about 8 litres worth today for $10. Not too bad :D

So, you're probably wondering what a *plug* post is.
Well I'm using the opportunity now to tell people my favourite places on this here World Wide Web that you may not know about. It's not an advertisement, I'm not getting paid for this. This is me, wanting to share some love around, and letting you guys explore what's on the horizon (or whats smack bang front of your faces.) So here's a short list of some current slightly under the radar sites that you should check out.
Well okay, chances are you may have heard of Nigahiga on youtube.
And if you haven't, you obviously don't go on Youtube a lot.
Ryan Niga is most famously known for his videos with Sean Fujiyoshi called "How To Be Ninja" and the rest of the "How to Be..." series. But this guy has some other hilarious videos. I logged on just before to see he put a new video up called ChildrensBop which made me laugh. (Plus, it reminds me of the terrible Rock Starz cd where a bunch of kids have killed my favourite Jimmy Eat World song 'Sweetness' HOW DARE THEY!! Along with Relient K's "Best Thing" and Jonas Brothers' "Love Bug". No wait, that Jonas Brothers song couldn't get much worse. Anyway...moving on.)
I love printed tees. I just don't have many of them. But if I got given a debit card with a million dollars, I'd buy half the shirts at Mr. Vintage.
It's all Kiwi made shirts that well...only a Kiwi (and maybe a few Aussies) would understand. (and when I say Kiwi made - no they are not made of kiwifruit.) They all relate to NZ pop culture, from Paul Henry's Moustache-Gate scandal "That's a moustache on a lady" and "Start a group" (which someone has actually done on facebook), to David Tua's "O For Awesome" on NZ's Wheel of Fortune. And if you've seen Flight of the Conchords, a lot of the shirts Jemaine and Bret wear are from Mr. Vintage (such as the Keep New Zealand Beautiful.) They just capture the not-so-serious nature of iconic (and slightly stupid) kiwis with a love of the printed tee.

Blondie on The Blog
Okay, I'm biased. She's my friend. But now that finally she's decided to actually use her blog, it is worth reading. Mind you, she's just getting started, and hopefully this mention will put more pressure on her to keep posting.
Becca has hopes to become a fantastic movie critic, and I know she's on her way (as long as she remains to be highly opinionated - and that doesn't show signs of changing anytime soon :D). Her weekly rant on various new-ish films always manages to amuse me, and saves me having to watch movies that end up being really cruddy in the end. And honestly, imagine how much time a person can save by not watching a cruddy movie. (I could have done without watching "Meet The Spartans" personally.)
I sew clothes. I've been doing it since I was 10. And finding this site was like finding an unopened piggy bank in the back of my wardrobe. is a site where various sewers from all over the world can share their creations, patterns, and create how-tos for various things that you can do yourself at home. What's best is that some patterns you can download yourselves and use them for free. Everyone loves stuff for free :D
I've mentioned this site in the past, though I've never actually talked about it (I don't think.) is a place where artists (whether painter, graphic designer, or writer) can post their works on a site for people to see. You can view, comment, win prizes, and even buy prints of work. I haven't been able to post a lot of recent work on dA but you can still see a link to my own work which has all my own graphics, photography and lyrical work. (and if you do have your own dA account, be sure to watch me and I'll watch you back - if your art doesn't creep me out.)
If you're an English analytical dork like myself and like analysing and finding meanings to music, this is the place. lists lyrics to thousands of songs, and people are free to comment on what they think about the song and the meanings to their lyrics etc. I actually used it to help my English last year too when I searched meanings for songs for my end of year research. If you look at
- you will get my possibly favourite (that I've heard of) Ben Folds Five song. (and honestly, that's how I found that song. Through

Anyway, hope that's "enlightened" you about certain sites on the big wide Webby. If you've got any suggestions for sites to check out (and you can post your own too), be sure to let me know, and let the international masses know (or at least the New Zealanders, Aussies and Americans. Hi btw XD)

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