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Twitter Twouble.

currently: a little dusty.

I'm sorry, but I just fail to see the point of Twitter.

Twouble with Twitter

I saw this video a while ago. I think it's hilarious, pretty much cause it speaks all the feelings I have about Twitter.

I mean, Twitter is pretty much what Facebook, Myspace and Bebo have already done with their status updates.
And all that Twitter offers is just the one thing. Status updates about people you don't really care much about.

and well, the ones I do care about (Jimmy Eat World, Switchfoot etc) I can just check up myself without having to sign up or anything.

But yeah, I'm sorry. I just don't see the point in it. And so I'll refuse to join Twitter as long as I can.

Plus, 'Twitter', "tweeting", "twotted" and anything all "tw-----" etc is just plain irritating.

And I can't say enough about myself in 160 characters or less.

Hence why I have a blog :D

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