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currently: sleepy. and there's a packet of Tim Tams open infront of me...

So...I've been noticing lately how bad my current food consumption has been getting.
Take last Wednesday. That day, I ate one big slice of chocolate cake, 3 rows of Whitterkers Almond Gold, ate another 3 rows of Cadbury Rum and Raisin chocolate, then at night I ate a whole bowl of icecream.

Think it's fair to say I may have problems.
So, I am declaring now that I will go on a health(ier) eating diet.
This means I will cut back on my consumption of icecream, chocolate, and general junk food. No more microwavable pies topped with mayonnaise.

I am cutting back. As of 1st of June for the whole month.
Like a detox.

So I'm gonna avoid icecream - unless its a Sunday.
No...I'm just gonna avoid icecream.
And giant chocolate bars. Only eating 1 bite sized bar.

Yeah, I have no idea the mini and fineline details of this new "diet" I'm putting myself on. But I will be healthier. I hope.
(That or very miserable...)

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