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Five star playlist

currently: a little tired and sore. Shouldn't really be awake this early on a Saturday.

So...lately I've kinda been on this see-saw of emotions.

Its been an effort to stay positive all the time. Normally I'm quite a happy person...but you know. Life tries to batter you down as life tends to. (haha, just got this image of Life trying to beat up someone with a purse like an old lady.)

So I'm personally explaining the strange behaviour I've been showing lately. Especially since after that last post. (but normally you can tell the direction of the post by the tags I choose...)

Sometimes you need to vent. And this blog is where I vent.

Anyway, I think I may have found a way to avoid my depression/bipolar behaviour.

Bohemian Rhapsody.

Honestly, this song (by Queen - they're epic) can just manage to change a mood if you sing along. I was cutting out 12 skirts in the cold, tiny space of my bedroom, and when this came on, it just seemed to lift my spirits a bit.

So I'm figuring, there needs to be a Five Star Playlist where all the good songs can come on and it can lift your spirits.
So all the anthems, all the rock songs, all the upbeat dance tempo ones. Shove them on one playlist.

I'm sure your taste of music is different to mine, but here are just a couple of songs I haven't gone wrong with.

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Good Good Feeling - Kingston
Clockwatching - Jason Mraz
Move Along - The All-American Rejects
Car Crash Weather - 48 May
About A Girl - The Academy Is...
How You Love Me Now - Hey Monday
The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls
My Delirium - Ladyhawke
Let It Happen - Jimmy Eat World
Autobahn - Anberlin
We Are One Tonight - Switchfoot
Hallelujah - Paramore

Thankyou Lord for music.

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