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the REAL guys

currently: a little sleepy, and should really be doing homework.

Where are the real guys of today's television?
Or at least the remotely normal ones?

Flick through the tv channels, the papers, the magazines. Have a look at what kind of boys girls are tripping over their jaws with.
It's guys like the Jonas Brothers, Adam Lambert, Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson.

Now, here's an honest question.
WHY are they considered "HOT"?

Because to me, they don't seem like real guys anymore.

Real guys are not the ones that wear girl clothes and accessories.
Real guys are not the ones that use a hair straightener more than I do.
Real guys are not the ones that check themselves out while passing a mirror.
Real guys are not the ones that own eyeliner and know how to use it BETTER than me.

And well as much as I do think real guys are allowed to use hairbrushes, if they care about their hair too much - then they aren't a real guy anymore. (though in that Twitard associated Robert Pattinson's case - he could really use a haircut or's pretty hobo like.)

I look at these guys, and I'm pretty much turned off by them.

What does it take to find a real decent guy for our television screens?

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