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currently: being warmed by laptop heat :D

It's senior exam week. I'm on "leave" till Wednesday.
I should be doing my homework. Graphics, English, Photography...working on Stage Challenge costumes.
But I've been procrastinating again. I procrastinate WAY too much. (I'll hate myself later.)
So here's some of the things I've done procrastinating to:

My Current Procrastinations:

Looking at:
I've always been amused reading other people's notes. So now it's a whole site dedicated to them! (mostly the specially angry ones :D)

Listening to:
With Hope

They're a NZ band who have currently been playing on Juice TV and C4. They're very much like a Kiwi version of Paramore - very powerpop style with female lead singer.
It's quite amusing though - like a month after they break up, they've gotten this surge of popularity in NZ music month.

Whose Line is it Anyway?

The US version is SO much better than the original British (sorry haha.)
On Youtube, there's a whole freaking collection of "WLIIA Inside Jokes". The dude who thought this up is a genius :D

Homemade lemon and blueberry cheesecake. Mmmm.

Okay. Maybe I should get onto some work now.
...Maybe. haha

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