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When crying works

currently: probably delusional.

My chest hurts.
My eyes are red.
And I can taste the salt from my tears.

Crying has never felt so good.

And I'm probably crazy - having a mental breakdown to want to cry, and then laughing because I'm balling my eyes out in pain.

I must be some sight right now.
And I just want to cry more. Just cause it feels so good to cry. To let everything I've bottled up for the last few days or weeks - whatever. Just letting it out.

Geez - I have finally lost it. Seriously - I'm laughing and I don't know what's so funny.

Oh gosh, can't breathe.

laughing hurts. I dunno why!
and I kept spelling Why wrong.
Oh my gosh.
oh geez.
my throat hurts. can't breathe.
this is so weird. I'm so weird.
Can't spellllllll.

I've lost it.

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