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song lyrics

You and I both need clarity.

currently: still haven't started ball dress.... *cough* I haven't really moved since I last posted.

Clarity - a song

I can't bring myself to speak
It's too frightening
When I see your eyes
They drill into me

I get lost in the moment
How should I speak
I know you're there
I know you're watching

I'm surprised I can breathe

I have my doubts
I've been keeping these fears
Hold myself in torturing
Because I can't sleep
When will it all become clear
Or will I have to say those words
You and I both
Need clarity

It's like we're driving
There's no sound on these streets
The intersection shows
roads to pain and suffering

Don't want to be the one
Yet I don't want to be the other
Let it be comforting
We're both too scared to ever show it.


It takes a long slow breath
To go underwater
Nobody wants to be
the lost or the luster.
Keeping it true
I feel the room buzzing
Cause it's time.

[ch x2]
20/6/09 12:42am

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