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"feels like falling in love..."

currently: listening to 'Feels Like Falling' by With Hope, while chilling in bed. Like really, I'm cold. Probably should be wearing pants and not short shorts in winter weather...

No, I'm not falling in love.
Or maybe I am. Its hard to say.

Reading through my old blog posts - it's like reading through a diary.
You read back at the entries, and all the old emotions come up again. You remember what happened, what this all meant, the fears you used to hold...

And you just feel like you're falling back into them again.

Maybe it's the whole "last year of uni, turning 18, you're not a child anymore" nostaligic feeling I've got going on.

...this year is actually going too fast for me.

but it's weird - how much has happened so far this year. The fight within myself - honestly I didn't realise at the time if I could make it out alive.

It's weird, but it's good.

those past loves, lives, and all that is inbetween. Wow...

And now I find myself moving forward, but with new crossroads of life, love and all that is between that too.
When I sit here, 6 months from now - I wonder how I'm gonna look back at this moment.

Hopefully I'd be having a good laugh.Ahh the memories... XD

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