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currently: ears are blocked, voice is slightly going...


A picture paints a thousand words.
Here's 5000 awesome words from 5 photos. :D

(my great friend, STEPHEN CHRISTIAN, and me :D)

Here's a quick list of what I've learnt.
1) Always make sure your friends have their ID cards before going into a concert.
2) Flordia boys have GORGEOUS accents. (Mainly Stephen Christian. His voice is surprisingly kinda a higher pitch than I expected.)
3) HOLD your spot. Never leave it.
4) Don't try to lose you voice. Specially if you're wanting to talk to the band.
5) Always carry a sharpie/vivid/marker/pen.
6) Don't let your voice crack infront of awesome band members. Much like point 4.
7) Don't let yourself get starstruck. Which will then go on to cracking voices and mild uncoolness. Links with points 6 and 4.
8) Have decent cameras with decent zoom.
9) Next time I'm moshing up front.

Thanks for tripping over to New Zealand boys :D

(btw....I melt when I think of how I shook Stephen's hand as he said "Hi Mel!" to me. Fangirl much? XD)

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