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want a lock of hair?

currently: going out of my mind with this Media Studies assignment. I need a mental break. I've been trying to write this one question for the past 3 hours straight. Mind mush...

To quote the first line of this article...
"Lady Gaga is giving away a lock of her hair with her new album."

Okay, I know Lady Gaga is nuts, and is possibly a man, but how crazy a fan would you be to want a lock of her hair?
And I mean, if this is a "collectors thing", how many locks of hair would be given away? I mean collectors editions tend to have like about 500 available? So there could be like 500 snippits of Lady Gaga's hair?
How much hair would that actually be then? To take off that much hair...does that mean Lady Gaga will be bald for her next album?

There's just something so UBER creepy about the whole deal...

But okay now, back to work.

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