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Paramore in the...which house is it?

currently: chilling in bed, watching Trigger Theory's "A Soft Farewell" (NZ music FTW. I'm a local to those locations haha. Recommend song.)

So, Paramore tickets for Auckland's concert were pulled off for some odd reason... Possibly sell out? Who knows. But anyway, I still want a lot of my friends to go, so I was pretty happy when I heard this...
"A further allocation of tickets for Paramore will be made available on Friday
18th December at 9am. This concert is moving to a different venue in Auckland,
please check back on Wednesday morning for new venue details."
[source CDM]

I'm super curious about this. Cause I'm meant to have tickets to the Auckland Paramore concert so I want to know where the new venue is...I'm just hoping it's not Trust Stadium, apparently you can't take cameras into it. That would be lameeee.

Edit: Darn. it is in Trust Stadium.

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