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currently: in Hamilton, where it's been bucketing down with rain.

Last night, Switchfoot. AWESOME.

Saturday Night Mainstage: just went off.
I don't really have time for a fully detailed update.

But here are a few pictures. As they say, a picture paints 1000 words.
(But here are a few more words to help)

jazzy. funky. reggae music. scatting. beat boxing. electric cello. drum solos.

matching jumpers. Dance or Die opening. intense (and painful) mosh pit. Fever encore.

rock. rock. rock. the sound. Beyonce/Gone mashup. glowsticks. singalongs. screaming. dare you to move encore. minus Jerome? added Jyro.

(there are 2 videos but youtube refuses to upload them right now.)

However, the finale of the night:

Yup. :P
(You can read my account on LOBH here)
Tonight - Parachute Band and Hillsong United. Awesome :D
(as long as I don't get covered in mud from today's massive downpours)

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