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currently: watching Australian Gladiators. Wow, some of these gladiator girls need to get a bowl of icecream and chill.

I've been meaning to post this for a while... Yes I've been slack...haha.
But after the trip to Parachute, on the way back up north, you can stop by a place called Candyland, just outside of Hamilton. I took some photos, just to share its cool and quirkiness.

Here they make awesome massive lollypops , some that can be as big as your head.

They can come in all these different flavours, with all these swirls and colours.

They sell chocolates too, some in nice shapes...

...and colours....

...that can be cute....

or a little freaky.
It doesn't stop at the chocolates either, they have gummy lollies too
which are freaky.
and freakier.
But its kinda cute too. Like lollies in the shape of vegetables

Fried eggs. LOL.

Hmmm....yeah I wouldn't eat these though.

So yeah, CandyLand, just outside Hamilton. Worth checking out. They do have tours there where you can look at the factory and see how they make everything, but you need to be there on a weekend.

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