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currently: watching Disaster Movie. It sucks. No surprise :P

Sunday Night at Parachute Festival is all Worship. This year it was also downpour with rain. Lots of mud and an overflowing creek. To me, who stayed in a motel in Hamilton and not at Mystery Creek, found it kinda enjoyable. But I avoided the mosh pits this time. Not gonna happen in that mud.

entertaining. fun. captivating. and rained halfway through their set, ironically through their song "Living Rain". umbrellas galore.

(okay, I'll admit that I was gonna skip Leeland for Kingston. But apparently there was some timetable change, so we ended up watching Leeland again...But they were good. )
nz rugby shirts. attempted singalongs. fun america accents. loved "Follow You"

the main event. the aussies. the buzz. the excitement. the energy.

and then the rain.

which got heavier.

and I watched through my awesome clear plastic umbrella.

And after one strike of lightning, the rain stopped.

but the worship got more incredible. Especially when it was topped off the night with the song "With Everything"

Overall, it was just a fantastic experience. Worth all the rain and stormy weather. Couldn't have been any better. (Though I will admit, could have done without the mud...Its not easy to avoid the mud puddles in the dark.)

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