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I know, total slackage on my part. But I'm bringing it now (better late than never)

The Chinese Lantern Festival in Albert Park is an incredibly popular yearly event, but it had been a long time since I had been. This year, me and the fam decided to go, taking along my boyfriend and his mum. And we had a great time looking at all the oversized lanterns, checking out the performances, cringing at bad karaoke, and getting stuffed on the food there. Me and boyfriend spent most of the time photographing all that happened around us. And you know how much I love lights, so it was awesome :D
Plus, it was good for boyfriend to kinda see the other half of my culture - well at least as close as you can get without going to Asia.

What's awesome is that every lantern is symbolic to a tradition or myth in the Chinese culture. So other than being spectacular set-ups, its semi-educational too. (so its good for the children)

Its definitely an event to go to, getting emersed in international cultures and food, it can almost make you feel like you're in one of today's Asian cities - minus the fact that more English is spoken. Its just incredibly fun - plus buying a handheld glowing lantern is just awesome fun to look at :D

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