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Sitting, waiting, wishing to leave lecture

currently: blogging by cellphone.

Sorry for more lackage of posting again. It is an effort to actually focus on my assignments which are due in 4 days. Hard to believe, but I'm in my 5th week of uni and it's not long before easter break.

You know, its actually taking a while to text on a blog through phone. Even on predictive. So many thumb muscles being used on a screen that is only like an inch tall.

Anyway, hopefully I can start putting out some short blogs while in classes and bus rides that are boring. The trick is however to not get run over by cars while texting. Which is probably incredibly dangerous (what am I saying, of course it is. I'll probably walk into a pole at any minute.)

Must say that one of the benefits of going to uni in the city is being able to shop during breaks. Which I admit I'm guilty of. In fact I may head off in the direction of recycle boutique, which has kinda become my favourite store. Its like one fancy op shop with a $4.50 rack. I mean seriously, where can you get $4.50 clothes nowadays?

Oh and another good place is this ice cream store called giapo. Okay I haven't eaten an actual ice cream there, but I've gotten taste tests. They're much cooler than plain choc or vanilla. They've got stuff like peach and brandy. Not that I drink, but if its in an ice cream.

Those are just some of the places in the city where I hang out. The city is such a great place for shopping, it makes it so difficult to study sometimes you know?

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