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Paramore returning to NZ?

currently: should be stressing more about exams... meh.

So the news came a few days ago.
C4 TV - Paramore are coming back to NZ!

I've been waiting till a bit more news to come out because its only rumoured not confirmed that they will return back to NZ.

Looking at tour dates - they're pretty solid till September, have a break in October, then tripping to Europe in November... So if they were to bounce back here, it may either be October, or after Europe in November. But that seems a bit more unlikely because its so close to Christmas, and it takes 2 days to travel down under (assuming they're looking at an Aussie tour too.)

I am a bit keen to see them again...maybe. Part of me thinks I need to give them a second chance since their first concert in March wasn't as fantastic as I expected.

Though I do wonder what is the chance it will be different to their last concert? They'd need to really improve from last time.

For example:
A longer set - 70 minutes? Really?
More variety of songs - Okay their new album is great, but they pretty much played that over for the crowd, and maybe 4 from the earlier albums.
Maybe some covers/something new would be nice - those are entertaining.
And hopefully more audience interaction. She seemed to like standing in the same spot - It was nice when Jeremy moved closer to the stage (which got the fan girls screaming)

Also - would be nice to have merch that poor people can afford. Not $80 jumpers. What happened to the cool days where buttons and stickers were awesome?

Either way, rumours for now. And as negative as my list sounds about the Paramore concert in March, I did enjoy it. Mainly the friend I was with and the fans that were so amped after the concert made it fun. Maybe will have to bring a bigger crowd with me if I do choose to see them again.

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