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currently: hearing dogs bark and fireworks go off. Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Hey, so I've finally finished uni for the year! Its hard to believe that first year uni is done, just like that.
So now, I've got loads of time suddenly. Need to find out how to spend my time now... (sleeping probably.)

Anyway, now I can spend my home...posting a new blog.
Wow, I need more hobbies.

Here's my week of photos :D
Starting with Sunday night last week:

I took these while at the beach during sunset with Boyfriend and his mum. Really quiet and peaceful :)
We had bakery food for lunch, and when we went to the bakery. I spotted these spelling errors which amused me (Community Channel moment. :D)

Wednesday: This was in the uni quad for some reason. An ad for a Prime TV show.

Then this was posted on a temporary construction war. Didn't realise Porky Pig was our Prime Minister....

And do you remember that post I did about the ever changing statue? He's gone all Hawaiian, covered in leis. Fun times. :D

Thursday: After my last exam on Thursday, I went and wandered off to the newly designed Aotea Square to check out what was around.

They had this photo exhibit with all these pictures of Earth taken from above.

Aotea Square turned out quite nice, but they still kept the carved arch which is pretty good.

Tonight/Friday: And for your low quality visual entertainment- fireworks from tonight taken from my bedroom window (set off by neighbours)

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