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currently: in bed.

So over this weekend in Auckland was the annual Lantern Festival in Albert Park. (You may remember last year's post.) I love lights, night time in the city and taking photos. So you can imagine that I was pretty stoked to go this year again. However, I didn't get to see as much as I would have liked to this year. We had a bigger group tagging along, and so bigger groups means you don't really get much of a say in stopping by every lantern display to take photos. Oh well, no big deal. I may just be very select with who I go with for next time.

Anyway, here are some of the photos I took. Enjoy!

Skytower in the background :D

Auckland Uni Cathedral thing...

I swear half these lantern sheep are giving the *evils*, along with the cow. One sheep however is giving more a snobbish look than an evil one.

Skytower in perfect sight amongst the lanterns and people.

There was a stage where stuff went on. Performances that were Chinese related and what not. (though half the time I was listening, someone was singing Maori...)

This was after we left. Corner of Queens and Wellesley I think. I was getting all arty.

I got arty with the long shutter speed on the ride home too. :P

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