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Why I am more a panda than undead zombie.

currently: panda-like.

Sorry once again for the lack of posting this month. I was reminded that I haven't done it in a while... That's because Uni has been treating me really well.
(and when I say treating me well, I mean giving me lots of work and assignments so I get $5000 worth of learning for this year.)

Just wanted to say, that I am still well and am probably not an undead zombie.
And this has been drawn from the following conclusions:

My current state:

From this illustrated image, you can see pasty white skin, large eyes, and dark circles around the eyes (caused by mascara smudges and the fact I haven't slept yet).
This can be understood as a being caused by staring at a computer for too many hours, staring at too many bright colours, and staying up late to try and finish assignments.

To compare, here is an undead zombie.
Qualities of undead zombies involve shaggy hair (possibly mullet shaped if it was previously a bogan before turning into a state of undead), large eyes with dark circles, pasty skin, a hunger for human flesh, and a lack of presentable appearance to wash off said human flesh off undead skin, resulting in an appearance that could look kinda "drag queenish/kid that got into mummy's lipstick" look.

Though I may have qualities that are very similar to the undead zombie, it has been recognised that I am more like a panda:
This is due to the same pasty white appearance, with the dark circles around the eyes, and the lack of need to eat human flesh. Also, pandas are from China, and somewhere in my family tree, I'm part Chinese too.

So that concludes that I am more a panda than an undead zombie.
Or that pandas are one bite-of-a-human away from becoming zombies.
Either way, I'm still somewhat alive. :)

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