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It all becomes better with cake

currently: about to go to bed.

You know, no matter how old you get, there's always room for cake on your birthday.
My mum makes the best cake - chocolate black forest cake. It's a chocolate layer cake with cherries, cream and chocolate sprinkles :)
I'm meant to be twenty now, but I will never be too old for my mum to make me a birthday cake :P

My mum put in 5 candles, each one representing 4 years of my life.
You know what my friend said? Twenty is the decade where your career, marriage and kids happen.
I don't know how exactly I feel about all that, but I know that long as my mum will always be there to make me my birthday cake with love, it will all be good :)

(present wise, all I asked from my family was black forest cake. seriously, only the cake. I was happy :))

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