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Follow! Accidental Alliteration

currently: in class. DON'T TELL MY TUTOR....shhh...

I hope you're having a lovely day today. Right now my class is arguing about presentations. My class seems to be confused as to what we're meant to be doing. Highly amusing.

Anyway, I'm entertaining myself by reading my university friend's new blog, Accidental Alliteration. I've spent a few bus rides harrassing her to start up a blog, so this shows how the power of peer pressure can be done positively :D. And she's actually a .com, so she's committed (other than me who is still poor and still uses good old Thanks Blogger :D)

So check out her cute blog and follow her posts! She's a nice person, and a pretty red head. :) What more reasons do you need?

I don't have much else to contribute to this post right now since I'm meant to be paying attention, so here's a picture of Hipster Kitty grafitti I found at my university:

Okay, back to learning ;D

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