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Happy Anne-Marie day! And Blog Day! And Father's Day!

currently: sorting out NZFW pictures.

To show that I do have friends in real life (I use that term loosely...)

Happy birthday to my friend Anne-Marie!
Who supports my blog, reminds me when I haven't written in my blog, and tells me to take photos of her to put on my blog.

Here's a picture of her at last week's Japan Rugby Team Welcoming Ceremony at Aotea Square. We got paper flags and stayed around to hear Japanese drumming till we got too cold outside, and decided to get sushi.

She's a bit nuts. But aren't we all?

Also, let me take this time to say a belated celebration to my blog.
I feel like the bad mother who forgot her kid's birthday, but my blog's first post was back on the 1st of September, 2008. Oh how the years have past. Well 3 years to be exact. :)

And lastly, Happy Father's Day to my Dad :)
Part of my gift to him (other than leaving others to make this morning's waffles when I kept stuffing up the recipe) was the Richard Castle book, 'Heatwave' - the actual books that are mention in the TV series. He loves Castle, so I couldn't help but get the book for him. And I may read it too while Castle is on hiatus. I need something to fill the time while I wait to hear what happens to Beckett after she got shot and Castle said 'I love you'! Oh that cliffhanger!

Anyway, I'm working on a coverage post on NZFW Saturday that I got to go at the Viaduct yesterday with my friend. There's almost 500 pictures I need to sort through! So hopefully I can show you soon.

Stay tuned/logged on for that :)

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