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currently: streaming Switchfoot's latest album - Vice Verses (to be officially released 27th September)

Thanks for being patient while I tried to finish all my homework :)
Life is getting a bit busier now, I'm into the last stretch of uni for this year, and I'm looking into a new job opportunity. But don't worry - I'll try not to let this disrupt the posting any more than it already does haha.

Anyway, before uni break finished, me and my friend Anne-Marie from thriftlovelife (I suggest you check it out, once she posts more) took a trip around the North Shore of Auckland, checking out thrift stores and outlet sales. She was unimpressed with Browns Bay op shops (I told her there were heaps of small thrift stores, but filled with old people's stuff) but we did go check out SaveMart in Northcote where we got a couple of pieces each.

Now the thing to note with SaveMart in Northcote is that it's quite large. It used to be an old New World or Foodtown - in fact it still has it's old aisle signs hanging from the wall. But with the large size comes a SUPER selection of second-hand clothing with aisles as long as you can see (well within the walls of a New World).

one long rack of many.
Anyway, I think we spent a decent hour and a bit there. Anne-Marie has a different shopping style to me. While I like to consider the clothing and the quality and the look of the piece of clothing, if Anne-Marie likes the look of it, she automatically chucks it into the cart and will decide later at the fitting rooms whether or not she'll get it.
In some ways, it makes it faster to go through the racks. Though I still like to be pretty thorough looking through each piece of clothing so I don't miss out anything.

But in the end, after she collected a whole trolley's worth of stuff (I only had 5 pieces at the end of searching the whole store), we gave our stuff a try on. And in the end, we bought two pieces each, coming to under $20 each.

Now, normally because I'm a frugal person who doesn't actually have a lot of her own money - I would rarely spend that much for two items. But I've been craving shopping so bad, I kinda went a bit looser with the wallet - and I think it was worth it.

Unbranded blazer, fully lined, unsized (probably a 8-10): $11.99

"Fun Fit" Liberty tee, size L, long length, thin material: $6.99 

Close up of the print, with "liberty" written in silver.
So thanks Anne-Marie for the good times, arguing with Karen the GPS, and driving me around the Shore. Gotta do it again soon!
(Also, for more advice and admiration of thrifting, check out

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