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Fashion Breakdown - Cut Out Cuffs

currently: in bed, looking at my Steam account (yes, I'm nerding up. More on it later.)

So I've noticed this small trend occurring in the world of accessories - and I like to think that I'm being ahead of the curve on this one in picking it out (Ha, me ahead of any trend. That's a laugh.)
It's cut out cuff bracelets. And I haven't personally seen any in the common jewellery stores (eg. Diva, Equip etc.) But I have seen these appearing around online. And they cost a painful half day of working just to afford (I always price things that way, it's why I'm too afraid to buy a fancy DSLR camera.)

Anyway, thought it's about time for another Fashion Breakdown on this, and I've taken inspiration from two different bracelets. One from an NZ company, Iko Iko:

[see site here]

And one from an international store, Nordstorm:
[see site here, and other examples here and here]

These examples are made out of different materials (rubber and resin) but where you can get those yourself I don't know.
So my example uses leather (you can always use faux leather/pleather) and gives you creative licence to design and personalise your own cuff! And if you get the leather cheap, it shouldn't cost more than $10. Enjoy!

Time for bed and for work in the morning! (>_>)
If you have any suggestions for other Fashion Breakdowns, let me know! I could afford to use my brain more often these holidays.

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