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Switchfoot in Auckland on March 8th 2012!


[UPDATE:] They have now announced a venue! Read below for more!

I have a friend currently at the Parachute Music Festival in Hamilton who has confirmed to me that Parachute are selling cheap tickets to a Switchfoot concert for March 8th 2012 in Auckland!

No venue has been confirmed yet, but my friend says that 500 tickets for $45 are being sold specially at Parachute 2012. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he gets one for me, but either way - I will be going to that concert!

So expect to see these faces in Auckland this year!

And expect to see my face like this:

Also, Switchfoot are confirmed to headline Parachute 2013 next year, with Jon Foreman rumoured to be playing a set on his own!

[/explodes with excitement]

[UPDATE: 4 FEB 9:05] Switchfoot have finally announced a venue, and I am super stoked with this one!

The Powerstation! I love the Powerstation because it's a truly hot rock venue where you're forced to be shoulder to shoulder with everyone and the sound is so loud. It's a place both international and local gigs are able to play with no shame, and being in the central city just makes it easy for everyone.
I also think of it as a lucky place because that's where I got to meet Anberlin after the show [hint hint Switchfoot].

Times haven't been listed but I'd assume this will be a show where doors will open at 7:30pm (if not, 8pm).

Don't know bout opening acts either, but I'd think appropriate/likely support acts could be Luke Thompson, Avalanche City, Mumsdollar, or Jury and the Saints (I'd rather not them though.) Best support act would have been Trigger Theory (Luke Thompson's little brother's band) if they still existed. Still quite sad they're not. :/


[UPDATE: Feb 4th 3:10pm] Apparently it's at The Studio and not the Powerstation. Oh well.

[MORE UPDATES:] Switchfoot's opening act is Midnight Youth (eh.) and all General Admission tickets are sold out (There will be only so much room for the under 18s upstairs I imagine. That's the problem with venues in bars. :/)

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