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currently: lying in bed.

Took this on Friday in Victoria Park after class.
Don't call me weird, but I enjoy autumn. I mean sure, I love summer as much as the next person, but in the lead up to winter I love dressing in winter clothes. And jeans. Wow do I love jeans. With boots. Jeans and boots.
What was I saying?

Oh right. I enjoy the autumn. The only problem with autumn is that on a cloudy day, it drains your energy. As it makes you feel sleepy and fall asleep in the wrong places. I almost fell asleep on the bus with a laptop on my lap last Thursday. Kids, don't do that. It's a good thing I live in the safer part of Auckland.

Anyway, I went through the same thing today. It didn't help a lot that I've been feeling a bit ill since Friday morning. All I wanted to do was lie in bed and stare at the screen. Despite my long list of things to do, I've accomplished very little. And in 15 minute from now, I will hate myself for wasting my day away like I have.

But the fact is, there's little you can do about it when you feel sick or tired. Except wait for it to pass. Annoying as that is. But it's good to take a break, collect your thoughts, make a to-do list and get on with life when you're up and at it again. God didn't want to work for 7 days - and he's God. So for all of those times where people may have harassed you about meeting deadlines and crap, here's some advice. You're not God, you're human. And you need a break. And if you were God, you'd still take a break.

So thanks God for teaching us the meaning of having a breathe and a break from ourselves.

This post really has very little meaning. Personally, I just wanted to write something because I felt like it. Who's to stop me?You? No. The internet? Well maybe.

Anyway, here's some other news happening with me. I'm a published news journalist. Well at least I would like to think so; that's what people are telling me. If you'd like to read my first story, you can look here at Pacific Scoop. There's even a profile with my lovely mug of a face linked on that.

I probably shouldn't give too much background to the story, but the two I interviewed were incredibly adorable with their story. I only learnt five minutes in talking with them that they had actually met overseas while on assignment, and I couldn't help but go "Awwww!". I then apologised for my "awwww" comment - I'm far from a professional journalist.

I don't care though. I love reporting on good stories. The world needs more of that.
(On a side note, in terms of the romantic story, I realise now the article's first image sends the completely wrong message haha.)

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