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currently: in my pjs cuddled up in bed.

What up internet junkies. Since my last post, nothing much has changed with me, I'm still sick. Woo. [/sarcasm] I'm too stubborn to go to the doctors to know for sure what it is, but I'm sure it's some seasonal common cold. I stayed at home all yesterday, and half of Monday attempting to get better. Hopefully I'll make it into uni today for the big press conference we need to do. fun fun. :/

Anyway, it's more important that ever to make sure when you're sick, you're not spreading it around to your other family members. Cause fact is, if they're sick, that means germs stay around longer. And if everyone is sick, no one will be able to take care of you. That may sound selfish, but it's true. And when you're sick, you have the right to be selfish. So in my house, we tend to use more "serving" cutlery to avoid using our own germ-ridden spoons.

We also tend to have kitchenware that is personally "ours". For example, we have our own cups that no one else uses. And I'm gonna take the time to have a dorky childish moment to say I love my cup.

The cup I use is a cup I painted in ceramics class with my best friend's family back when I was like 10 or something. (Ain't this a great revolutionary fact). The fact is, drinking with my uniquely kid painted cup has now been my habit. Every morning, my milo goes in this cup. So does juice, milk, and the honey lemon drink I had this morning. (Wow, you'd think as a journalist in training, I'd come up with more interesting stories.)

Now call this bizarre (because this post is so fantastically amazing as it is...) but I don't know how I'll stop using my cup. Here's the thing that's happening in my mind. My cup works perfectly fine. A little chip at the base but overall, it is a decent cup that could be used for many more years. This cup can only be used by me as I'm the only one in my house called Melissa. It's a labelled cup. Painted with my crudely drawn stars and slightly demented bee. So if I stop using the cup, it will no longer be used. Meaning it will get wasted by just sitting around in a drawer.

It's the same feeling you have with say a cellphone. If your cellphone works perfectly, you have no real reason to upgrade to a new one. You'd just be wasting a cellphone. And that hurts the environment. And your money. This is why my first cellphone lasted with me all through high school, and I only upgraded because the cellphone wasn't going to be compatible with Telecom's new network. (Yes Kiwis, I was THAT kid at high school who wasn't on Vodafone).

So now I keep thinking the only way I be able to move on to a new "my cup" is if the cup breaks, or I move out and forget my cup. And fact is, either action would probably pang me with guilt.

Yeah, there's the story about my cup (and a nice way to kill 1 hour before uni.) I hope I'm not the only weird compulsive childhood items horder. They always tell you that growing up is hard. Look at me here - covering the things that matter in life.

Come back next week where I show you the pictures of clothing I haven't thrown out since I was 8. ;D

Ha, you think I'm kidding. I'm not. I really do have clothes I still wear since I was 8. I haven't grown a lot....

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